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    Ok well i started on this a while back but ive been so busy i didnt get it completed, then i reset my computer so i lost it QQ. Anyways i just wanted to ask you all if you could rate this story plot. The name of the Story is called Leeds City Boys.

    Ok so basically the plot centers around 4 main characters. Ryan, Mark, Scott and Racheal. Ryan and Mark are best freinds, Scott is Ryan's brother and Racheal is Mark's sister. Ryan, Mark and Racheal go to the same college as each other. Ryan is in love with Racheal but Mark dosent know. Anyways thats the basic outline of the characters

    The storyline is:

    One day Ryan comes home from college and switches the News on. He sees a big headline flashing at him about the increased number of gangs been formed in his hometown of Leeds. He gets a brilliant flash of inspiration to create his own gang to combat the gangs already been made. He tells Mark this and Mark goes along with the idea. They recruit some people and grow very quickly. They name thier gang "Leeds City Boys" or "LCB" for short. But then they get greedy with power. The LCB turns into the very thing they were trying to stop. With Money, Power, Fear and Respect on thier side nothing will stop them from terrorizing Leeds. They quickly rise through the ranks to become one of the most feared gangs in Leeds. They now have to make a choice. Either continue on the path there on and wind up dead or stop now well they still have time and go back to what the LCB was originally formed to do: Stop gangs terrorising the city. Will Ryan have the willpower to call it quits?

    Every beginning has an end and every end has a are we just going round in an infinite loop?

    Waiting for Pokemon X and Y to come out now can't wait :D

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