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    I have had this idea in my head for YEARS (before I even joined PC), and it shares some similarities with Dinosaur King (but I've had this idea before I even heard of it), along with Digimon, Pokemon, and multiple other series that would take too long to list. It's about time I put it down on a board to see what you guys think.

    The year is 2040 and our world has been aligned with another, one with species extinct in our own world, but there's a catch: Each of these species have one of ten elemental groups (Fire, Light, Ice, Air, Electric, Ground, Nature, Water, Metal, and Darkness), one of two alignment classes (Positive and Negative), and can use telepathy to communicate with chosen few humans. Time travel exists now, but has not yet been truly perfected by scientists, and therefore is a secret kept by a select group of organizations, but they plan to give it out to other groups 5 years later.

    In the "World of the Lost Species", as some have improperly dubbed it, a conflict is beginning, and ten human teenagers from our have teamed up with an individual of a species from the other, to save both worlds from their ultimate destruction.

    The ten chosen creatures (Element) Nickname [Species]
    (Fire) Blaze [Tyrannosaurus Rex]
    (Light) Kari [Dimetrodon]
    (Ice) Glacia [Woolly Mammoth]
    (Air) Zephyr [Quetzalcoatlus]
    (Electric) Shocker [Phorusrhacos]
    (Ground) Terra [Baluchitherium]
    (Nature) Verde [Triceratops]
    (Water) Marina [Icthyostega]
    (Metal) Crunch [Smilodon Fatalis]
    (Darkness) Leroy [Stegosaurus]

    (Their humans allies will be revealed later, because I can't remember them or find the paper I wrote them down on)
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