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    Originally Posted by Zephyr+ View Post
    Well, the title makes little sense (I mean, I guess "sky" makes sense since the evil team wants to put the region in the sky, and techno sounds cool, but is the sky itself technological or is it set in a cyberpunk world or is the entire soundtrack techno or what). Buuuut I suppose I can forgive that since you have high production values here.

    I'm... not entirely thrilled with the plot. For all its embellishments, it features the protagonist moving to a new region and an evil team with a nebulous and nonsensical goal led by the protagonist's parents. And that's not creative in the least, really. Also the plot hole of the maps has already been pointed out to you, I assume.

    ...Lemme guess, there's more that you're not showing us that explains away the faults I'm seeing here. That's fine. But what you are showing us, for all of its shininess, has some problems.
    Thanks for the critique, we are holding back on some info considering it's not completely done yet, but it will posted as soon as it's finished. The techno part is that the evil team is very advanced technological wise and they use that for their schemes. The plot holes in the maps are because we barely have any of the plot done, my partner, ~*OliverTwist*~ and I are working more on the fakemon and the art aspect of the game; now that TheLegendaryMew is going to help us with the storyline/plot you can expect better things.

    This looks like a really awesome game.Good job!Good luck!
    Thanks for the comment and the encouragement, we will try our best to make the game awesome.
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