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Hello. Do any of these Pokemon interest you?
(I saw some things I like, but I want to know if you want anything of mine)
PCNY Absol (with Spite)
Embedded Tower Kyogre
Embedded Tower Groudon
Embedded Tower Rayquaza
10 ANIV Celebi
Ageto Celebi
Colosseum Pikachu
e-Card Togepi
e-Card Mareep
e-Card Scizor
Rocks Metang
PKMN Box Swablu (with False Swipe)
PKMN Box Skitty (with Pay Day)
PKMN Box Zigzagoon (with Extremespeed)
Saphire Zigzagoon
Ruby Zigzagoon
SPACE C Deoxys
Gamestp Deoxys
GAMESTP Jirachi (with Draco Meteor)
SMR2010 Jirachi (with Draco Meteor)
Duking Shuckle
Duking Meditite (with DynamicPunch)
Duking Larvitar (with Dragon Dance and Outrage)
Hordel Elekid (with Ice, Fire, Thunder Punch, and Cross Chop)
Distant Land Chikorita (with AncientPower and Frenzy Plant)
Distant Land Cyndaquil (with Reversal and Blast Burn)
Distant Land Totodile (with Crunch and Hydro Cannon)
Distant Land Articuno (with Haze, Heal Bell, and Extrasensory)
Distant Land Zapdos (with Baton Pass, Metal Sound, and Extrasensory)
Distant Land Moltres (with Morning Sun and Extrasensory)
Distant Land Lugia (XD001) (with Psycho Boost and Featherdance)
TRU Dragonite (with Draco Meteor)
TRU Regigigas (with Iron Head and Icy Wind)
TRU Shaymin
TRU Manaphy
TRU Arceus (with Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, and Shadow Force)
Michina Arceus (with Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, and Shadow Force)
WORLD08 Lucario (with Blaze Kick)
WORLD09 Weavile (with Fake Out and Ice Shard)
VGC09 Milotic (with Icy Wind)
VGC10 Eevee (with Flail)
Hayley Mew (with Synthesis, Hypnosis, and Teleport)
Susumu Mew
Hadou Mew
Hadou Regirock
Hadou Regice
Hadou Registeel
Shokotan Pichu (with Endeavor, Charge, and Volt Tackle)
SPR2010 Pichu (with Endeavor, Charge, and Volt Tackle)
Festa Magmar
Festa Electabuzz
PalCity Lucario
Saikyou Salamence
Saikyou Dragonite
Saikyou Milotic
Saikyou Magmortar
Saikyou Electivire
Yellow Forest Pikachu (with Fly)
Goon's Scizor
Crown Raikou (with Zap Cannon, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, and Weather Ball)
Crown Entei (with Flare Blitz, Howl, Extremespeed, and Crush Claw)
Crown Suicune (with Sheer Cold, Air Slash, Extremespeed, and Aqua Ring)
PKTOPIA Pikachu (with Volt Tackle and Surf)
PKTOPIA Magmortar
PKTOPIA Electivire (with Ice Punch and Cross Chop)
ALAMOS Darkrai (with Spacial Rend and Roar of Time)
Almia Darkrai
Kyle Riolu (with Aura Sphere)
Manaphy Egg
Oblivia Heatran (with Eruption)
Oblivia Shaymin
Oblivia Deoxys (Normal)
Oblivia Deoxys (Attack)
Oblivia Deoxys (Defense)
Oblivia Deoxys (Speed)
Red Metagross
Shiny Charizard
Shiny Growlithe
Shiny Pinsir
Shiny Gyarados
Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny Yanma
Shiny Scizor
Shiny Shuckle
Shiny Tyranitar
Shiny Lugia
Shiny Ho-Oh
Shiny Sableye
Shiny Electrike
Shiny Gulpin
Shiny Carvanha
Shiny Seviper
Shiny Lunatone
Shiny Solrock
Shiny Barboach
Shiny Kecleon
Shiny Walrein
Shiny Gorebyss
Shiny Relicanth
Shiny Salamence
Shiny Metagross
Shiny Latios
Shiny Regirock
Shiny Regice
Shiny Registeel
Shiny Deoxys
Shiny Infernape
Shiny Staraptor
Shiny Drifloon
Shiny Spiritomb
Shiny Gible
Shiny Riolu
Shiny Lucario
Shiny Gliscor
Shiny Gallade
Shiny Rotom
Shiny Uxie
Shiny Mesprit
Shiny Dialga
Shiny Palkia
Shiny Heatran
Shiny Regigigas
Shiny Giratina
Shiny Cresselia
Shiny Phione
Shiny Darkrai
Shiny Shaymin
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