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    Originally Posted by TheLegendaryMew View Post
    wow i gotta say after reading this it makes me want this game out now :D. Youve done something noone else has done yet. You have totally scrapped the old pokemon system and created a new one. This isnt a bad thing, its totally unique and i think that this hack is going to be the best one thats been brought out. This game will bring about a new age in the world of pokemon hacks and i hope that it will be as good as it sounds. I wish you luck on completing this game and cant wait till its out so that we can play it. Well done with everything youve done so far. Once again it sounds brilliant and im sure that it will be as good as you say it :D.
    This isn't a hack :/

    Secondly, the OP hasn't been active since more than a month. He hasn't posted in this thread for more than 2 months. I think this is dead.
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