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    Thanks for the reply, Giratina! I'm glad you like the formatting. It takes an extra few minutes, but I've had trouble reading the other fics on the site, so I wanted to make sure mine was perfectly readable

    As for the title, I had intended that if I ever created a second 'episode', I would have a new thread for it, since each one would essentially be its own short story. If that seems like a bad idea, or is against the rules or something, then I'll ask for a title change in the event that I write a second episode. Thanks for the heads up!

    I appreciate the comment about my word usage. I looked it up to check, and it appears that 'imagine' can also mean 'to suppose or guess' or 'to form a notion of without sufficient basis', which is what the boy is doing here. Sometimes I do stretch word meanings, though, and I hope people will chime in if anything appears awkward.

    Fixed the format burp!

    Thanks for the title insight. 'Pokémon Uesuto' is the setting name, but it is kind of lame for a story (or series) title. I'm not sure what else to call it, though . . . hm.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like the setting and the 'red-haired boy'! And on with part 3.

    A Curio, a City: part 3

    by fissionessence

    A couple of younger gentlemen stood a safe distance from Magaera, admiring the elegant white-and-fire rapidash. They backed away farther, somewhat embarrassed, when the red-haired boy exited the saloon.

    He was used to admirers of his pokémon. Usually it were the kids who were willing to display their curiosity, but they were all in bed now—after dark in an unwalled town in this dangerous part of the world. Herds of ponyta and rapidash were not common around these parts, and even when spotted, it was from a distance.

    The residents would be used to a swarm of rattata, a flock of spearow and the occasional murkrow. Into the arid desolation surrounding the city lived pokémon like poochyena, sandshrew, cacnea, and ekans, but nothing so elemental and beautiful as Magaera.

    The boy smiled subtly at her as he walked out of the saloon and past the place she’d been standing, waiting for him. She followed him as he walked, leaving the two gentlemen, still somewhat awed, in her wake.

    The boy and the rapidash made their way through the streets of the town. The shops had closed up for the night, and the alleys were similarly empty once outside the vicinity of the saloon. The notes of the piano faded into the distance as the pair walked.

    With Magaera’s fire and the moonlight guiding his way, the boy followed the directions he’d received from the bartender. As he made the last turn of the instructions, the sounds of joking voices and breaking glass came into the boy’s range of hearing. He looked up and read the sign: ‘Dye’romen Curio Shop’.

    The front window was big and displayed much of the shop. The moonlight flooded through the window, but was accompanied by the lanterns inside. Three men were laughing as they pushed the contents of the shelves into bags. The objects that missed the bags crashed to the floor; the men paid them no mind.

    Each man wore a gray jacket with an emblem of a spiraling shooting star, and had other clothes of varying black, blue, and white.

    The boy stopped before the store—Magaera standing behind him—and stared inside. After a moment, the men stopped their ransacking and stared back at the boy, confused looks on their faces, but showing no signs of remorse or vulnerability.

    The boy stared flatly.

    He turned and nodded to Magaera to stay, then walked to the door, pulled it open, and went inside.

    “This somehow your business, boy?” asked one of the men. He held a glass vial of blue liquid, which the boy recognized as a potent blend of potion. The man threw the vial onto the floor before the boy’s feet. It clanked on the wooden boards and bounced, but didn’t break. The boy ignored the intimidation. He watched the vial slide across the floor, then looked up to meet the man’s gaze.

    “Is this Tirella Dye’romen’s shop?”

    “Sure is boy,” the same man replied. The others held their bags, but watched the conversation intently, leaving yet unperturbed merchandise safe for the time being. “But what’s it to you?”

    “I don’t figure she invited Team Destiny to trash her place and steal her things.” The red-haired boy put his hands in his pockets.

    The man laughed. “Didn’t pay her dues. Don’t get no say in what we do tha place now.” The Team Destiny member swept another shelf of precious-looking items into his bag. “Threw the girl out of town this morning.” He picked up a coral-encrusted rock, turned it over in his hands, then tossed it into his bag with a clang. “Suggest you get outta what ain’t your business ‘fore you get throwed out, too.”

    The boy curled his lip and tilted his head down, lowering the brim of his hat just above his eyes. He took his hands out of his pockets and slid the girl’s black bag off his shoulder and onto the ground.

    The Destiny man laughed again. “Kid looks angry!” The other men laughed. “Venomiks, why don’t you show our new friend the way out so us men can get back to work.”

    A long, purple snake pokémon with wide yellow eyes uncoiled from where it had secreted itself in the far corner of the shop. It slithered slowly toward the red-haired boy; it hissed quietly and rattled softly the tip of its tail.

    The boy watched it come toward him. He stood slightly hunched forward and his fingers were curling in and out of fists. The men from Team Destiny were smiling.

    A few feet in front of him, the ekans stopped, still hissing and rattling, and looked up at the boy. A moment later, it lunged with its large fangs protruding from its wide open mouth.

    The boy grabbed the purple pokémon as it came through the air. He took the area below its head in either hand and wrestled against its weight, gained leverage, then tossed it onto the closest bag. The creature landed uncomfortably on the sack and rolled onto the feet of the bag’s owner. The Destiny member almost tripped.

    He regained his footing and kicked the ekans back into an upright position. “Use your stingers!” the man yelled, pointing at the red-haired boy.

    The boy lifted one edge of his coat to shield his face as the ekans’s mouth opened and spewed a barrage of poison darts. Most of the darts bounced uselessly off the coat and vanished, but a couple made contact with the boy’s exposed hand, and one pierced the coat and stung his cheek. He could feel the venom run into his blood; he could feel red circles appearing on his skin; and he could feel as the poison ran its course in a matter of moments.


    The boy lowered his coat and charged toward the ekans and its owner. The snake looked up, expecting an attack, but the boy passed it by and swung a fierce right hook into the jaw of the lead man. The man looked up to retaliate, but took a hard blow to his stomach from the boy’s knee.

    The boy turned on his heels, putting the momentum of his spin into another right hook straight into the face of the snake pokémon which had been mid-attack behind him. The creature flew across the floor, its six feet sprawled, and rolled motionless.

    The lead man tried to regain his breath, coughing, “Get him,” to his companions. They shared a reluctant glance, but moved in to attack.

    The boy stood in his fighting stance and eyed them, cautioning.

    The shop door swung open, and a young man with fine clothes and black stubble entered. The four conscious combatants turned to the newcomer.

    Kiraf straightened his vest as he surveyed the situation. He lowered an eyebrow to the scene, but nonetheless spoke. “Team Destiny, I presume. I have a proposition for you.”

    ~ fissionessence