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Yeah, it would probably be better to call this just 'A Curio, a City' and compose the entire thing as a one-shot (i.e., a short story written and posted all at once - to point you to an example try Beasts Like Us by yours truly. Excuse the advertising. x3). That would make it a lot easier on everybody; these 'chapters' are pretty short, after all.

While the dictionary definition is correct, the stigma attached to the word is conjuring an image - hence, imagine. Careful with that.

So, new installment. No grammatical issues or funky word uses here, so I'll just say that the Redhead of Indeterminate Identification remains pretty badass. Aside from what I said about one-shots, this is moving along really well... and you really need to teach me how to put indents into a story. * .*