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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    Razaurus is okay but how about, but if you don't like Razoraus, then he could be Reptileaf.

    Draglant could be Verdragon (Verdant+Dragon)
    or Dragreen, Dragrowth, or Wyverdant (Verdant +Wyvern).
    If you don't know what a wyvern is, well its basically another name for a dragon.
    And sorry if I insulted you before, keep drawing Pokemon, they're better than anything I could do. lol XD

    You win this round Ace, BUT WE SHALL MEET AGAIN

    I actually thought about Reptileaf, but didn't wanna leave out the whole razor theme he had going there lol. But I do like that one

    And if I had any say in the matter, I'd go with Wyverdant. It's just such a god-player name for a Pokemon haha.