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    Originally Posted by war rock exe View Post
    Oh ok... so i'm guessing beta 2 is being translated?
    Yes, it is, look at the first post and download the patch.

    Originally Posted by drivr3joe View Post
    cant there just be a cool hack thats in english???
    It originally isn't in English, but thanks to me and my servant, it is now
    in English!! (And it's also fluent!)

    Originally Posted by war rock exe View Post
    Hey Wes, can i use your trainer sprites in my hack? I'll give you credit for them and i just really like them xD

    heh.. i know right??!!! All the foriegn hackers (mostly spanish) do a great job on hacking, escpeciaaly the tiles, but i doesn't stop me from playing even though i sometimes don't know what thier saying xD
    I'm not tryin' to speak for Wesley, but he'll most likely say "no",
    because you can always HIRE a Spriter, ya know.

    And also, I disagree on the bolded part. Not all people from Spain, Mexico do great jobs on Hacking. No. Not all, but 90% of them. And also, you can now
    understand what the people are sayin' in this Hack, 'cause me and my servant had translated it.
    I am now an anime dubber, cover singer and a fan of anime. I can still apply as a translator and grammar corrector, though.
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