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So I've spent the past 2 hours searching for routine that limits the pokedex in FireRed to 151 pokemon, to little avail. I did find one part of the routine that is part of what limits the dex, but still it doesn't work the way I had hoped. :\

From what I've gathered the byte at 0x08106828 is part of the limiter...

08106828 2897     cmp     r0,97h       ;Compare r0 to 151
0810682A D901     bls     8106830h     ;If =< then branch to 0x08106830
0810682C 2000     mov     r0,0h        ;Else, r0 = 0x0
So... Yeah... Can any of the better ASM Hackers give me a hand? Pretty please?

And HackMew, if you read this, I know you can help.

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