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For some reason the Nightmare video stops halfway

From what I can see in the video:
-Mapping is a bit weird, the trees only overlap top to bottom and are oddly placed.
-Grammar mistakes.
-REALLY boring. If I was playing I'd just be sitting there tapping A to hurry the text up, it would be better if some visual effects could come in to this (perhaps seeing the shady figure mentioned) or a bit more interaction.

Story wise... Well it doesn't really tell me anything, what happens in the story is summed up by that short video. Tell us more about the adventure, what are we playing to do?

As for the features:

-New Storyline <- That's a given.
-New Tiles <- Most hacks do, and I'm not sure the tiles you have picked work. The indoor tiles and the houses lack definition and need an outline.
-Fakemon <- Do you actually have any yet? If not I'd take this off.
-Day and Night <- A Feature! Hurrah!
-New Hero/Heroine <- Also rather standard.

Anyway good luck, and I hope these comments can help in some way ><.
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