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Here's an idea: 3 Moveslot HM Challenge

This challenge is not intended to cripple game play beyond the below listed rules. We don't want to make it too insanely difficult to play. If you want to make it interesting, offer the more restrictive rules under a 'challenge tier' so that not everyone is bound to them.

Additionally this challenge is meant to provide a breath of fresh air to those who are tired of the same old basic challenges which restrict types or number of party Pokemon and such.

Naturally, if you choose to host this challenge, I only ask that you follow the host rules.
The host rules are in place to preserve the spirit of this challenge, which is simply to be something that is unique but not overly restrictive.

Feel free to insert rules to ensure proper updating of the thread about the player's current progress.

The rules:
3 Usable Moveslots: (Essentially you must fill the extra moveslot with any HM)

1. This challenge starts officially only after you've obtained your first HM in the game. This gives you time to build a starting team up, trade in usable Pokemon, ect.
1a. No hacked Pokemon please. If you cannot legally obtain it, you must not hack it in.
1b. You may store Pokemon in the PC and actively swap members of your team to stay in compliance with the rules.
1c. All Pokemon in your battling team MUST know ONE HM move.
1d. You must designate your starting Pokemon in your entry post. This can be any of the starter Pokemon you can choose from at the beginning of the game or any Pokemon you can legally obtain via trading before you obtain your first HM.
1e. Your designated Starter Pokemon MUST be able to learn at least ONE HM found in your game. It cannot be traded to your game as your starter if it knows any HM moves.
1f. You may trade Pokemon to your game to add to your team
1g. You may not trade Pokemon who know HM moves you have not obtained in the game or lack the badge to use outside of battle. (This means you cant trade a Pokemon that knows Fly to your game unless you have found the Fly HM AND have the badge required to use it outside of battle
1h. This challenge is completed when you defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion. (Essentially when the credits roll for the first time)
2. When you obtain your first HM, One Pokemon in your team must immediately learn the HM.
2a. Any Pokemon who cannot or do not learn that HM must boxed away.
2b. See Rules 4a, 4b and 4c, as they apply here. (4b and 4c don't apply if the optional rules are omitted)
2c. With the exception of your Starter Pokemon. This means you can keep the Pokemon who learned the HM and your Starter.
2d. If you do not teach your designated Starter the first HM, you must teach it the first one you are able to teach it.
3. When you obtain a new HM, you must be able to teach it to ONE Pokemon in your team immediately. Please do some research if you must to ensure you don't find an HM you cant teach to any of your current party members.
3a. You may carry only one Pokemon which lacks an HM move, but it MUST NOT participate in battle.
3b. [Optional Challenge Rule]If all other Pokemon have fainted, and you have No Revives to use to obey Rule 3a, then you have lost the challenge.
3c. If you are carrying a Pokemon with no HM, you must ensure that it can learn the next HM you find.
3d. [Optional Challenge Rule]If you find the next HM and the Pokemon qualifying under Rule 3c is unable to learn the HM immediately, then you have lost the challenge.

4. Upon catching any Pokemon, you must immediately teach it any HM move if it lands in your party. No exceptions. If it goes straight to your PC, it's fine.
4a. If it is unable to learn any of your HMs, you must proceed straight to the next PC. in the game and box it. No exceptions.
4b. [Optional Challenge Rule]If after catching a Pokemon that qualifies under Rule 4a, you are at any point in the game where you cannot immediately proceed to a PC without completing another portion of the storyline, or participating in any trainer battle, then you have lost the challenge.
4c. [Optional Challenge Rule]When you are qualified under rule 4b, If you catch any Pokemon, stop at any PokeMart/Department Store, or enter any other building that does not contain a PC and interact with any characters in there, you have automatically lost the challenge.
5. You must not use your HM moves in battle This includes ALL moves, even the ones that reduce stats and are useless after 6 uses on one opponent Pokemon.
5a. Except when all other moves have 0 PP remaining
5b. You may switch Pokemon when your attack moves run out of PP, but you are not required to do so, you may exhaust all other moves PP if you feel you must use the HM.
6. You may not use any HM slaves. Your team must know the necessary HMs to pass through the terrain.
6a. No Pokemon may know more than one HM move. The HMs must be distributed equally amongst your team.
6b. [Optional Challenge Rule]No two Pokemon in your party can know the same HM move.
6c. [Optional Challenge Rule]If any Pokemon qualify under Rule 6c, they MUST NOT participate in battle.
Rules for potential hosts:
1. You must not add any rules banning any specific Pokemon which can be legally obtained.
1a. You may tier your challengers based upon the Pokemon they select, but you may not decline any challenger entry based upon the legally obtainable Pokemon they selected.
1b. You may not decline any challengers because you did not include a tier for the Pokemon they have selected. (All Pokemon must fall into one of your challenge tiers)
1c. You must not add any rules banning the use of any legally obtainable items or legally learned moves which cannot be used outside of battle
1d. This challenge may not be combined with any other challenge which contains rules which violate these host rules.
1e. If you intend to combine this challenge with any other, you must remove any rules which violate these host rules.
1f. You must credit me when hosting this challenge. Just mention me somewhere ok?
1g. You may not edit the rules which are not optional or insert rules which override them in any situation.
2. You may omit any rules marked [Optional Challenge Rule].
2a. It is recommended that you include a tier of challengers for which the Optional Challenge Rules do apply. This is not required.
2b. When following 2a, you must not ban any Legitimately Obtainable Pokemon from challenge play tiers.
2c. You may add any rules to make the challenge more challenging to this tier so long as they are not expressly prohibited by any other Host Rule.
2d. You may not enforce the Optional Challenge Rules upon all entrants and offer no tier without those rules. Either you have a tier without Optional Rules or you do without them entirely.
3. Rule 1 and it's children apply to all tiers, including challenge play tiers. Rule 2 and it's children only applies to challenge play tiers.
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