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I'm using JPAN's hacked engine, and I was wondering how I could turn his random water battle, to use the tree data? Here is the code he made:
.align 2

/*Special 0x98 will start a random water battle, such as those in the sea.
Sister to the previous function, will start a water battle anywhere there is 
a water pokemon data.*/

Special_98: push {r4-r7, lr}
	    mov r7, r8
	    push {r7}
	    sub SP, SP, #0x8
	    ldr r0, water_data
	    lsl r4, r0, #0x18
	    lsr r4, r4, #0x18
	    ldr r1, wild_generator2
	    bx r1
.hword 0x0000
water_data: .word 0x22000410 /*the lake tile data*/
wild_generator2: .word 0x0806cbe5

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