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    *If you downloaded this befor 7/2/2010 3:39 PM EST please download again to fix a bug.*
    I just created a program to allow users to easily edit the btx files used for the overworld sprites.
    Please report and problems or suggestions you have.

    How to use:
    Extract the btx files from the narc file. (/a/0/8/1 for HG/SS) (Can anyone tell me the file for D/P/Pt?)

    Open the Program.

    Click the Open .btx button and select a btx file, if it a supported file (almost all the different trainer sprites) it will then be displayed.

    You can save it as a PNG file, edit it, and open the edited image, or just open a premade sprite sheet in the proper format. (32 by 32x, where x is the number of frames)

    Once a new image has been loaded into the program, you just click the Save .btx as... button to save the file.(At this time you can not overwrite the currently loaded file)

    Replace the new .btx file with the one you want to edit and repack the narc file.

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