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    Ok, a list of the first obtainable Version Exclusve pokemons:

    Red: Mankey, Before 1. Gym
    Blue: Meowth, Before 1. Gym

    Gold/Heart Gold: Spinarak, Before 1. Gym
    Silver/Soul Silver: Ledyba, Before 1. Gym

    Ruby: Seedot, Before 1. Gym
    Sapphire: Lotad, Before 1. Gym

    Fire Red: Ekans, Before 2. Gym
    Leaf Green: Sandshrew, Before 2. Gym

    Diamond: Cranidos, Before 2. Gym
    Pearl: Shieldon, Before 2. Gym

    Or, For the ones who use the 3. versions, its enought the pokemon only is missing in 1 of the others:

    Yellow: Mankey, Before 1. Gym

    Crystal: Lediba or Spinarak, Before 1. Gym

    Emerald: Seedot or Lotad, Before 1. Gym

    Platinum: Shieldon(Last number in ID even) or Cranidos(Last number in ID odd), Before 2. Gym
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