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Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
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    Super Pokémon Eevee Edition
    Super Pokémon Eevee Edition is a Pokémon fangame that tries to recapture the classic nostalgia of the second generation, but infuse it with new mechanics not found in traditional Pokémon games.

    You play as a newbie trainer, Gold, who finds a special genetically modified Eevee which has the uncanny ability to switch between evolutions at will. Gold and his Super Eevee now travel through a completely new region, to become the Pokémon Champion.

    The game is a passion project for me, and one I am determined to eventually finish.
    It's a throwback to the second generation, featuring graphics and characters from G/S/C, a battle system resembling Final Fantasy and an deep story involving godlike entities, called hypervisors.

    (SPEE won Spotlight of the Month, thanks all who voted :D)

    Years ago, a force created a world... A world filled with wonderful creatures.
    The world of Pokémon was governed by six godlike entites called Hypervisors which control various aspects of the world. Creatures, Environments, Systems, Battle, and Death were all under their control. The second generation world has perfectly balanced by the hypervisors....

    (Spoilers Ahead!)

    Unfortunately, the hypervisors want more. They plan to initiate a generational advancement. The acension to the Third Generation, which would bring new graphics, new features, and new Pokemon, but at the cost of rebooting the current world.
    It requires the wiping of all data - environments, pokemon and even mankind. But one of the hypervisors defects, M. She finds Gold and entrusts him with a mission to kill all the other hypervisors to stop the generational advance.

    In one month, the world will be obliterated.
    In one month, Judgment Day will begin.

    In one month, you will have to be the savior.

    Basically Pokémon shoved into an traditional RPG frame.

    Retro Graphics - A blast from the past. Gold/Silver/Crystal style graphics.
    Super Eevee
    - A code modified Eevee which can switch forms at will.
    Active Battle System - A la Final Fantasy (well, most of them before X).
    Four Pokémon per team - All four Pokémon are out on the battlefield and fighting.
    Corrupted Pokemon
    - Optional boss fights or side-quests are required to obtain Pokémon.
    Infinite Move-list -
    Pokémon are no longer limited to four attacks at a time.
    Sidequests - Get TMs, equipment, and other useful items by doing tasks for people.
    201 Pokémon catchable -
    from the first three generations (and a few from Gen 4).
    Refining System
    - Change useless items into powerful ones!
    - Equip certain items on Pokémon in order to to modify their stats.
    Trophies - Get notifications for completing tasks.
    Travel to the Code World - A dimension of graphical errors and home to the Hypervisors.

    because words just aren't enough.

    Walking around Ventus City.

    Switching Eevee's Forms


    Let's Plays
    The Flaming Spade

    Support Banners

    Shut up and take my moneybandwidth!

    Super Pokémon Eevee Edition
    | 91 mb ]

    Thanks to all these awesome people!

    Raonak (ripping/scripting/mapping/storyline/Me)
    Nintendo (for IP)
    Gamefreak (for making Pokémon games)
    Enterbrain (for making RPG Maker)
    Hawk (?) (for making IDraw)
    The Spriters Resorce (for ripping sprites)
    Sony (Trophy jingle)
    Kojima Productions (Sound effects)
    SquareEnix (Final FantasyMusic)
    BCKC (for making this post)
    Beta Testers here
    Version 0.753 is out
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