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I have liked pokemon ever since I was in 3rd grade. (I'm a junior in college now). I've liked it for such a long time, that I've thought of many ways to improve the whole pokemon gameplay and also storyline.
By the way, I emailed nintendo giving them the idea to make a tamagochi-like pokeball device to physically store pokemon with you; 2 years later, they invented the pokewalker. There's a whole backstory to that, but that's irrelevant.

Anyway, I thought of some really cool storyline. But i came up with one storyline that would be downright awesome. It's about a hobo in the pokemon world, whom, with the help of his trusted pokemon, becomes a somebody.
Anyway, I wanted to make an online comic, or something similar, to bring the story to life. But I am not an artist. Every time I draw a square, the main character looks different from the previous.:\
Anyway, if someone would be interested in collaborating with me, by illustrating this awesome story, please let me know.
I am sure all pokemon fans will love it!

I, for one, am kinda tired of the repeating "trainer goes to pokemon professor, receives pokedex, beats elite four."

PS: If you liked the Pokemon Adventures/(pokemon Special) Yellow's story, you'll like this one too.
It's about a hobo named Hobbs. There is an elaborate story to this, but he basically starts out with rat pokemons like Marill, Rattata and Pikachu, or strays like a Persian, a houndor, a mightinia, growlith, etc.
More storyline will be provided on request.

If you are interested in collaborating, I just want to be aknowledged to be the story writter.
If you do not know how to make a webstie, you can send me the pdf files of yoru artwork, and I can do that.
Anyway, if interested contact me!
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