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    First off I want to scrap Triple Battles. Then a lot of my points sit alongside with Beyerful's.

    - Higher level post E4 trainers. Seriously, there needs to be a Champions Island (or something to that effect) where you can battle and meet previous and current Elite 4 members, as well as Champions who beat the E4 in the past. They should be stocked with high levels, good stats and strategic teams.

    - On the note of trainers, fix the damn AI. Sometimes a trainer will be ruthless and try and crush you with physical assaults, other times they piddle away with Growl or Leer, even if they could 1HKO your Pokémon.

    - PC Box overhaul. I agree with this MASSIVELY! More boxes, bigger capacity and some kind of sorting system, preferably in the form of "options". I sort my pokemon out via first type and then alphabetically. This means renaming boxes and manual sorting. Fix please

    - HMs matching Pokémon's size. Seriously, I get that Pidgey, Spearow and Hoothoot can all fly... but how the freak did they carry me too? For surf it's not so bad, maybe they could make it a paddle animation for smaller pokemon where you hold onto them whilst they swim. Anything to up the realism.

    - Personalization, there isn't enough. A couple extra outfits for the Protags and some accessories for our Pokémon :3

    That is all... for now...

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