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So many replies~ ;o .Sorry if I've been inactive this day. I watched Twilight Saga: Eclipse. XD

Quote: X-Buster
A senior members means that you remain faithful and keeping Mirage Hacking Productions active. It's not about the skill but it's about being faithful to the team. :3

Quote: Binary
Yes. A new thread. :D , And sure. I'll be waiting for your awesome hack.

Quote: Flandre Scarlet
That's good to know. Alpha! Yay! X3 . I'll be glad to beta test. But if you found someone else then it's alright. :P

Quote: Alignment
Yay for you! :D .And no it has nothing to do with the date. Check out my quote in my reply for X-Buster.

Quote: Nosman
Please don't mind the ranks. ^-^ ; I will definitely add your hack. It's part of the team so hell yeah! XD

Quote: Samike360
I do. PM me with your email please. :3

Quote: solspear
It's alright you will be a senior soon. And don't matter the ranks. It doesn't mean that if your in the lower rank your not part of the team. You will always be part of the team. <3

Quote: vietanzn654
I forgot about you. ;__; sorry. >.< . Will edit! :3

Quote: tjwilliams24
Thank you. I think Flandre needs some help. <3

As for the applications!:

Quote: The Scarecrow Toxin
Just perfect timing. I need an overworld spriter. <3. Obvious? Accepted! :D

Quote: WillPowerPedro
Your mapping needs more further improvement though. But I can possibly hire you as a spriter. So Accepted! :D