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Originally Posted by xGGxToiZ View Post
Wow, finally, a nice tut for RUBY!
But I have a suggestion, instead of using Cyclone Prototype, try using NTME. You could create your .raw file much faster!

And to save some space, use Sphere to create your Tile set. It's compatible with NTME!
I think there's a tut for that somewhere. (I saw it on Youtube.)

Anyways, I love your tut! Too bad I don't hack Ruby anymore.

*Off-topic*: Yay! First Post!
I based the Tutorial on what I used, but it is true that you could use NTME. I've just been using Cyclone for so long that though it takes longer, I stopped caring about the length of time, plus it gives me more time to think on changes to the design instead of just finishing up quickly with a .raw that's only a little good, versus actually quite decent.

As for Sphere, I've never heard of it, which is why I've been using Paint.

Thank You!!! Maybe you should go back to hacking Ruby then? :D

*Technically, I was first post, you just replied to it >.>
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