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    Here's the reason I was wondering:

    One thing that I wouldn't mind seeing is a big edit of challenges. Like, there is a Monotype for every generation, as well as the ultimate. Same for Solo, and there are many other challenges that cover multi-generations in multiple challenges (Nuzlocke, Color, Gym Leader, etc). I wouldn't mind seeing a big cutdown, and only having one challenge for each of these. The OP would be a little more cluttered, but it could very easily just have one section describing the challenge and a spoiler for every generation (including the Ultimate). The reason I would propose this is that many people who do Ultimate Runs also sign up for the single runs (myself included). They would only have to place their updates in one place, and the number of challenges would drastically decrease and become more organized. Here is an example of what the Monotype Challenge would look like:

    Monotype Challenge!!!
    Play through a game using a team consisting of Pokemon that share a type.
    1. The challenge is over once you beat the Elite four if you are playing any game but GSC HG/SS, and after you beat Red in GSC HG/SS.
    2. You may only use Pokemon of one type.
    3. Dual types are allowed, and count toward a Monotype Challenge of either type. For example: if you are doing a Water Monotype Challenge, it is okay to have a Gyarados, which is part Water and part flying. If you are doing a Flying Monotype Challenge, it is also okay to have a Gyarados, because he, once again, is part water and part flying. Also, you may use a Pokemon that later evolves into a Pokemon with your type. Once again, if you are doing a Flying type run, you may use Magikarp, because it evolves into Gyarados, which is part Flying. This does not work the other way around, though. If you are doing a Normal type Challenge, and have an Eevee, you may not evolve it into a Jolteon, claiming that one of the evolutions was Normal.
    4. You must catch the first Pokemon of your type before you challenge the third Gym Leader in all games but DPPt, in DPPt before you exit Eterna Forest.
    5. You may have up to 3 HM slaves on your team.
    6. No legendaries.
    7. You may use an emulator, and the speed button, but don't use the emulator to cheat.
    8. Multiple people may do the same type.
    9. If you cannot obtain a Pokemon of your type before the requirement, you may either trade an egg from another game, trade a level 5 Pokemon or below from another game, or (if you are using an emulator) shark in a low level Pokemon of your type at the very beginning of the game. Make it reasonable, though. If you are doing a Steel type challenge, don't put in a Skarmory or Steelix or anything like that. Put in like a Magnemite.
    10. No trading, unless you are evolving a Pokemon.
    11. Update regularly.
    12. This isn't a race. Take your time and have fun.

    none yet

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    none yet

    Ulitimate Monotype Challenge:

    One game not enough for you? Try this challenge, then. Beat every region with the same type. That means you can choose one game from RBY FR/LG, one from GSC HG/SS, one from RSE, and one from DPPt.
    none yet

    This way, all those challenges would be combined into one, easy place for people to go. But we don't want the people who have the challenges to lose their status as OP if they still want to maintain it. So why not let multiple people maintain them (if possible). This will also result in the OP getting updated more frequently, if more people can update it.
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