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    (my old post: shortened version)
    Couldn't "Set ROM'
    Solution: Put the PPRE application, table, and your ROM in a separate folder than the other files, like 'thenewpoketext', ect. I was able to 'Set ROM' after that.


    Now I have another problem 8D

    I can set the ROM fine now, and I can "choose" it. (it's a newer button in version .13. it lets you keep multiple ROM files connected with PPRE, and then with the 'choose' you can pick which one you want to edit.)
    So that's all fine and dandy, but then when I try and click the editing buttons (like the TM/HM button, or the ITEMS button)
    it says that the ROM is not loaded.

    "The ROM has not been loaded. Please place your ROM in the same folder as PPRE, type in the name of your ROM, (with 'nds'), and click 'OPEN ROM.'" all that's done, except the OPEN ROM button. where is that, and how am I supposed to click it/open it? I tried right-clicking my ROM and clicking 'OPEN WITH' and then I opened it with PPRE, with no result. Any suggestions?

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