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I actually thought about doing this at one time, except only with 6 Bibarels/Raticates (one time was blue and one time was diamond). I don't think that it would be a good idea though, because solo runs are hard. You'd just be making the challenge easier if you let them have more pokemon.
I did that with 6 Bibarel and got bored. It's not a particularly fun challenge imo.

...That's a horrible idea really. I considered that myself when composing my post, but I figured that would be far far too difficult since that severely limits the movepool to a tiny percentage. You would not be able to successfully complete the game without a lot of grinding. Most HMs don't do a terrible amount of damage. (You'd need a level 100 Pokemon to clear the e4)
You're forgetting that it's called a challenge for a reason. I had an HM challenge for RSE long ago, but the rules allowed for one non-HM STAB move. For example, I had a Blaziken with Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, and Blaze Kick. All HMs had to be on the team and whoever could learn it had to learn it, unless it would take away your one STAB move.

Is there any way to give multiple people the ability to edit the original post on threads? I'm pretty sure moderators can delete messages that they find offensive or spam, but can ordinary people be given some kind of special privilege for certain threads without just making an account for the thread and giving each person the password?
Yeah, I can delete and edit posts, but y'all can't get those editing powers. I personally think it's stupid to make an account for one challenge. What if it falls through? What if one member goes crazy and trolls around the forum? Then you'd all get in trouble. Besides, it's just a challenge. It's not important enough for its own account.

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