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    Final engine beta!!!

    Ok well I've had a real lot going on, sorry about the lack of updates.. I'm glad everyone understands the stress and pressures of life which often consume me. This is the last beta of the 2.5D engine I've been developing (it also has an ABS which has never been demonstrated..) Maybe one day I'll continue this little side project, as for the moment.. Simply enjoy the features it has to offer.. I couldn't be bothered adding a final camera control system, but I had planned a "follow" camera, capable of auto-rotating based on the direction you press. It isn't really necessary at the moment..
    *Hint* To see the NPCAI (which will be in the starter-kit version) simply watch the old lady for a while.. All npc's in towns will have their own random tasks and routes like this. (Ok, when I say this has never been done before in an rmxp game, I mean it..)
    Anywho, here ya go everyone:

    Previous news:
    After much thought.. I'm deciding to return to the original starter kit version..
    This was an interesting idea, but I don't have a whole lot of time to work on the new engine and with no scripters offering to help (instead just stealing ideas), I've decided the game would benifit most from the old version..
    Lol.. I know it seems like a hell of a tangent, but I may eventually return to this engine.. Depending what happens in the future..
    I'll release the final beta of this engine (the one i was talking about before) so you can check out the "3d" animated fishing sprite and also the npc AI idea I came up with..
    Anyway.. I'll upload when I have some spare time.. I'll pick up where I left off (which was nearly at the end of episode 2) and continue the storyline until the episode where Ash catches a krabby and learns about the 6-pokemon rule.. At this point in the game, you will be able to catch your own pokemon (although, you may be required to have a certain pokemon in your party to progress further in some storyline events) and will be able to complete various side-quests and mini-games, I've been working on an arcade which will include cool games you can unlock and play.. You will still be able to experience random storyline branches and I hope to add lots of replay value to this game :)
    I haven't done any gfx in a long time.. So I guess some new gfx might be seen soon..
    I may update the scrolling background in the title screen.. I'm currently happy with the pokemon yellow theme, but I want to add a bit more colour to it (like a sparkle that moves with the pokemon or one falling from the title gfx, not really sure yet)..
    So that's all the updates for now.. I'll start by fixing the glitches seen in the demo, and I may go back over the start of the game replacing videos with cut-scenes.. Because I want the game to be logical for everyone playing (and it will reduce filesize).. I'll update as soon as I resume work..
    I have some newfound inspiration, so look forward to screens and the usual stuff.. Might just take a little longer, but these things take time :)

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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