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    Originally Posted by StarBreak View Post
    You caught your own mistake right there. NPCs are not human; they cannot think for themselves.
    Who said it was a mistake? It works like that on a meta level, but if we think on an in-world level, my point still stands. The hero avatar is meant to be this incredible training prodigy who can rise from humble beginnings to defeat all eight gym leaders (which is hinted in canon as not being an easy task for most people, if you ask around Pewter City before hitting Brock), take on not only the Elite Four gauntlet but also the actual champion (the greatest trainer in the region before you come along), and capture the forces of nature/gods of the Pokémon world with very little effort. Sure, it might seem like the game's easy, but that's the point and part of the story.

    Not to mention my point was that very few NPCs carry around a full party of six Pokémon. The only ones are either the trainers who overload their team with easy Pokémon (read: Magikarp), the champion, and every Gym Leader or Elite Four member you rechallenge (in Heart Gold/Soul Silver, namely). This implies that a full six-on-six battle is meant to be a special event, not just something that happens ordinarily.

    As for your idea, the main problem I can see with it is the fact that a lot of people try to come up with a way to use a plot that eradicates all Pokémon life on the planet... but, well, this is like trying to eradicate a huge percentage of all life on Earth. Unless you set aside a certain percentage of Pokémon that survive (not just legendaries but also Pokémon in general), then you might be able to work out a setting where the ecology isn't ravaged to the point where that other virus isn't needed. (I say "to the point where the other virus isn't needed" because if you screw up a planet's ecology that much, then you're risking making the planet uninhabitable. As in, even if you have real animals in your world, Pokémon are most likely a huge keystone in how the Pokémon world's ecology works. It'd be like taking away all the bees that help pollinate plants, all the spiders that keep the insect population in check, and so on and so forth.)

    In other words, a lot of authors try to do this kind of thing (and you can see other pages in this thread for an example), but you've really got to think on broad terms if you do stuff like that -- not just "I have a virus, and it leads to a human-on-human war." Especially given the fact that, with all you're trying to do, that war you're planning probably won't happen in a matter of months. Sure, you can devastate the population of Europe in less than a year (thank you, history), but the genetic research itself will probably take a few years, assuming there's no government-induced setbacks.

    Unless, of course, you're thinking about creating Soylent Green with Pokémon. At which point, go for it.
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