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    Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
    yes the next beta is the complete version, but will have to wait till the whole game is translated if your waiting for the english version, since to my knowledge this hack is a different language.
    Okay, thanks for the info. I think us hackers are more talented than the ones in nindtendo, 'cause in the beta2, shorter time has been taken by the Light Platinum team to translate it into english with few amounts of bugs and glitches... :D

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    I should answer all questions so you guys can be sure =)
    White screen: Download Ruby ROM v1.0. It works If you wanna be sure then download VBA emulator from Wes' website.
    Beta 3: Yes it'll be complete version and yes you must wait for translation into English in case you don't understand Portuguese.
    Thanks!!! :D
    I'll wait, cause this is the best hack that was ever made!!! XD
    I think that we would wait for years before we find a competitor or a
    hack that has greater or equal quality to Light Platinum!!! :D

    Thanks for all of you guys who made this great hack!!! :D

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