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Originally Posted by xxerox9009 View Post
Okay, I'll see how your script turns out on my computer.
When you make a trainer battle script, if you use the Script Generator built into PKSV, find the 3 letter/digit offset of the trainer you want to battle using PET, Advance Trainer or an equivalent. Then type that in with a 0x before it. It should should work.
If you did do this, then a possible problem occuring could be the trainer. Choose a different trainer with PET or Advance Trainer or maybe just edit that trainers Pokemon. And if it is a fire red or leaf green rom, then dont choose the first trainers that appear (with offsets like 001) because they don't work. Wait until you get to the offset of about 800 (or at least where the trainers have names).

Inferno7453, I think this version of your script may work better.
#dyn 0x583901
#org @start
msgbox @text ' Hey, you, want some POKéMON?
callstd MSG_NORMAL
checkflag 0x2345
if 0x1 jump :end
setflag FR_POKEMON
compare LASTRESULT 6
if == jump @noroom
addpokemon SNEASEL 5 = 5 NONE 0 0 0
setflag 0x2345
storepokemon 0 SNEASEL
message @get-msg
fanfare 0x101
#org @text
= Hey, you, want some POKéMON?
#org @noroom
msgbox @noroom-msg
#org @noroom-msg
= You don't have enough room in your party.
#org @get-msg
= You got a \v\h02!

I took your first @start and put it with your second. If you make a new #org, make sure it has a different name than the first. You don't have to have a second #dyn either, you only need it at the top. Also, your script wouldn't have gone to the second @start without a 'jump' script. e.g.
checkflag 0x1400
if true jump @second
in that case if a script had a setflag 0x1400 in it, that would jump to a second part that starts with a #org @second.
I hope this helps!
THANKS, the give pokemon script worked fine, and I'm gonna try the pokemon battle one.And againd THX a LOT!
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