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Live Coverage from WinTV~
  • Awesome intro song. Loving this one the best...XD
  • Oh ****, what an episode title -_-'
  • What the **** are you laughing at, Barry?
  • Team Rocket~
  • You draw nicely, james.
  • The advantage of WinTV is that I can acknoledge how you drew Dawn
  • Oh Brock. More poisonous buttrape
  • IT'S PAUL!
  • Captain Obvious~
  • XD Stop fining, Barry
  • What the ****, Paul?
  • Barry, what the hell are you on?
  • ****ing Ash, stop being 10 years old ;_;
  • ...Wait the? Not even I'd be able to recognize Team Rocket like that!
  • Shut up Barry, you're a threat to Pearlshipping, and ****load many more shippings.
  • Oh noes, a battle ;_;
  • Yes, but type advantage does help a mukload
  • Ouch
  • Woah, very sexy, Ash.
  • Oh no, now you're screwed
  • Team Rocket!!!!!!SHHHHIIIII
  • Dawn is a prisoner of war! Release the Hounds!
  • ... unbelievable. Where the **** do they get any ****ing money all this ****ed up ****?
  • I know i'm probably ****ing overdoing, but DAMN!
  • Happiny Deus ex Machina time!
  • ... never mind
  • Uh oh, fire blast
  • ...never mind, it's just blaze
  • Uhhh... Ash, didn't your mom ever teach you not to play with monkeys set on fire?
  • ...Team Rocket got raped.
  • ...Huh?
  • Ash... ;_;
  • Screw the promise! You're getting ****ing 4th degree burns you ****tard!
  • ...
  • Evolution Time~
  • What's up with Paul, is he on something?
  • ...oh ****, the pokedex
  • Very dramatic, Paul.
  • Infernape reminds me of Tarzan for some probably-obvious reason
  • Goodbye, stupid CN ads!

Mehmehsosoaverage episode. Infernape looked nice though. 8/10
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