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Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
Baashaun's my favorite Uranium Pokemon too 8D
Nice Sprite!

As for the video, how about showing us an important battle?

Oh and one more random question, is there an evil team in Uranium?
Thanks! Remember that the design for Baashaun comes from Pequedark-velvet. (go check out the rest of his fakes, they're very cool!) ;D

And as for the evil team: The dastardly Team Atom is causing trouble in Tandor, doing horrible stuff like setting up roadblocks, kidnapping Pokemon offscreen, and making you fight the same weak Pokemon over and over again! Vitor and Natalie, for no adequately explained reason, have got to personally stop them after they kidnap Professor Bamb'o. Their leader, Atom Atomson, plans to awaken a powerful legendary Pokemon and cause a massive nuclear explosion that will wipe out all of Tandor, because he hates humanity and wants to become a god but also wants loads of money in ransom and wants to make more habitat for Nuclear Pokemon. In an epic confrontation on top of an open volcano, he reveals that "Atom Atomson" is in fact a codename and he's actually a woman named Lucille, your mother that you thought was lost so long ago! But you team up with Theo and all of the gym leaders and via the power of friendship manage to defeat her and show her what she was doing is wrong. But it's too late to stop the mysterious legendary Pokemon from waking up and trying to destroy the region! Fortunately, you fight it in an epic battle and capture/defeat/run from it, which placates it I guess. Everybody wins and goes home and forgets all about it.

...In case you can't tell from this over-the-top synopsis, no, Uranium has no evil team.
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