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I've spent so long on this game and I haven't found time to update this thread. Oh, I'll start this up again.

Update: 7/10/10

I will release a new demo that vastly reworks the battle system, graphics, and all music. Also, here's a list of new features that I added.

-New Vs. Screens, just like in Platinum and HGSS.
-Made an ingame map, so the PokeGear is functional.
-Updated all sprites to 160x160 and allowed the use of animated battle pokemon.
-Added a fully animated intro movie, anime style.
-Used a new title screen, thanks to Rocko-the-Taco.
-Playable up until just after the 5th gym leader, where you get another quest to find and stop the Mask of Ice.
-Added a Pokemon, Xiades, brother of Arceus, and a story arc that will blow you away. (Think H.P. Lovecraft.)
-I will try to keep this thread posted more often, and I will update the main page with more screenies and movies when I get the chance.

I will be uploading the demo in one large chunk on FileFront, rather than in 4 parts on Mediafire. This will solve a lot of confusion people have been having trying to get my game to work. The file at the moment spans at about 400mb, so I hope you have access to internet that can download that in less than a day (remembers dialup...*shudders*)

Have a good day PokeCommunity, I'll keep you posted.

Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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