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...I liked this episode. There's not really more or less to say about it than that.

Unfortunately, I was kind of spoiled from Japanese titles that Monferno would evolve in this episode, so I wasn't exactly surprised. :\ Though with the title and everything that happened, I enjoyed it pretty much. It's about time we have Infernape enter the show now (I find it funny how the pronounce its name, but when I say it is sounds the same just not so, I don't know, weird).

I also noticed Paul's personality has developed differently in this episode. I didn't get that, it just seems like I wanted this change to more happen in the Sinnoh League. But I guess they need to build up the change gradually so it isn't as blunt afterward. Still, seeing this it makes me miss the Paul we met from the start of the DP series (the one I hated).

What really made this episode for me was that Barry was in it.
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