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    Nice episode! We actually get to see Monferno evolve into Infernape after the use of Blaze.

    That conversation between Paul, Ash and Barry seemed to be one big awkward moment lol.

    So, there are 7 ribbons...That means, Jessie can snag two, Kenny will snag one, Zoey will snag one, Ursula will snag one. Am I quite accurate on this?

    It's nice how the Grand Festival will be held at the same place the Wallace Cup was hosted.

    The PeopleBall, now Pokemon can catch humans and make them obey! I like TR's new scheme, too bad it failed.

    Paul hated Sunyshore City, Barry loved it. It's up to Ash, friends, and us to decide.

    Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

    We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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