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Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post

Liking the new layout of the Pokémon Center. It's good that you managed a reasonable layout, whilst removing the stairs- most people just remove them, and it never looks right (in my opinion) because they just put another table there, or worse, leave a big empty space.
In case you haven't noticed, it's kind of a mix between the Pokemon Center in R/B/Y and G/S/C.

Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post

There seems to be a line of peculiar pixels on the right hand side of the pokécenter.
Yeah, that's just bad tile insertion on my part, I've already fixed it.

Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post

Uh, there's nothing visibly wrong just I think it's weird that everyone is looking to the right unless there's some kind of event going on? Is there an event going on?
About everyone looking right, the gentleman is supposed to be looking down, but I talked to him from the right, which is why he's facing right. And then I took a screenshot after I talked to him, which is why it looks like everyone is facing right, and not only that, but I happen to be facing right when taking the screenshot. Yeah, bad timing, I know. At least the nurse isn't looking right XD!

Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
If you want, I can help you out a little bit. Besides, we were able to use a Day/Night program to change the fugly colours. And DN tool was in 3rd gen, just not in FRLG.
Um, what? I'm talking about the one that ZodiacDaGreat and that one other guy made for all 3rd Gen games. The afternoon colors look absolutely hideous. And it's a little glitchy too when entering buildings.

Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
2nd EDIT: All right if I be a beta tester if you need one? I'll be testing it out on my Wii, though, so I'm also testing if it'll work on other systems.
Sure, but the beta will go up to Route 5 (Cerulean City), so don't expect much for a while.

Oh, and guys, guess what: Remember back when this hack was known as, "Pokemon ShadowAmethyst"? Yeah, well if you remember, that was the last time that I actually had a hacked titlescreen with Mewtwo on it. I deleted the tileset and tilemap a long time ago, but thanks to the power of hex editing (and a pointer calculator), I managed to restore the titlescreen from Pokemon ShadowAmethyst!!! w00t!

Originally I was planning on re-doing the Mewtwo, but I did a test with unLZ to see what offset the pointer was at, and then I figured out I could just copy + pasted the hex code from ShadowAmethyst, with the help of a pointer calculator of course. Now all I need to do is change the palette and logo text.

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