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    i played and finished your new beta , the battle vs necro is to easy and also the battle vs the abra but versus the pidgey i think it's normal beecause i was advenced in the game .

    as i saw you added the rival battles but there is a logic problem , i battled him for the first time in the route near arbor city because i used an old save from the 0.2 beta but there he say that i already meeted him but because i was advanced i skipped the battle , and when i retourned to the route 1 to catch the pidgey i battled him again but it was actually the first battle agains't him , i think that happens because the to events are not dependent of each other .

    also i figured out something in the older version that i forgot to tell , in the pc geodude have the sprite of golem even if he isn' evolved .
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