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    Originally Posted by Sage Harpuia View Post
    I found a bug:
    in the "alpha ruin" when you solve the puzzle you unlock a tunnel with two warps, one leads to a small area, one from where you are from. however the last one redirect instead to another area, wich has only two exit both blocked by a tree: if you doesn't have the chain, you can't escape.
    -Can't belive i didn't pick that up. I even forgot to add in the graphic that's ment to display in the middle column making the puzzle easier.
    fixed it up.

    Originally Posted by Amine View Post
    i played and finished your new beta , the battle vs necro is to easy and also the battle vs the abra but versus the pidgey i think it's normal beecause i was advenced in the game .

    as i saw you added the rival battles but there is a logic problem , i battled him for the first time in the route near arbor city because i used an old save from the 0.2 beta but there he say that i already meeted him but because i was advanced i skipped the battle , and when i retourned to the route 1 to catch the pidgey i battled him again but it was actually the first battle agains't him , i think that happens because the to events are not dependent of each other .

    also i figured out something in the older version that i forgot to tell , in the pc geodude have the sprite of golem even if he isn' evolved .
    I've increased the difficulty of both abra and Necro,

    Yeah, that's how the rival battles are ment to behave, making it dependent could cause problems with the third rival battle

    Just fixed the geodude sprite issue.

    Originally Posted by Omn View Post
    oh i found a little glitch where you are riding your bike the sprite for the bike is not shown
    Ah, yeah. To just fixed it. It can be remedied on the current demo by going on the main menu, clicking on Order and making sure that neither geodude nor zubat are on the top of your team.

    Originally Posted by Cilerba View Post
    Oh, and I just noticed your using the default RM2K3 message system. There is ways to have a Pokémon styled message system.
    I'll PM you showing you how to do it if you'd like.
    I found a strange "glitch."
    When you transfer from map to map, even though the event is set to "Hide map: Instantaneous."
    you must go into the Database, and under System set the Map Transitions to this:

    That should make the maps transfer seemlessly.
    I assume the Pokemon styled message system can only have 2 lines, I probably won't change it. I'm already finding it hard to fit in all the dialouge with 4 lines, because some bits are dialouge heavy due to the storyline.

    But that screen transition thing is awesome! I didn't know about it!
    I've gone back and updated all the instant warps, so now It's instant, instead of the 1/2 second black screen.
    Thanks :D

    Originally Posted by Riceeman View Post
    I really like the look of this game, it's really awesome! Good work.

    The fonts are screwed up, even after installing the necessary fonts onto my computer. Is there any solution?
    Thanks, Im not sure about the font fix, it should have fixed itself when you install the RM2000 and RMG2000 fonts.
    Try use this link to download these fonts, then install these. Does anyone else have this problem after installing the RM2000 and RMG2000 fonts? If thats the case I'll just pack in the extra fonts into the game file.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Second simester of uni has started... :(
    I dont mind it, get to see and hang out with friends, play adhoc PSP games with em.

    Anyways, Ive been adding more items to refine, and finishing off the mega mart.
    I also improved the Tetra Element feature. It just looks a lot nicer. Because I can only have 4 options per message box, you have to press back(esc,x,c,v or n) to bring up the other 4.

    For the benefit of everyone, Ill be putting out a minor updates every time I can. Mabye one every 2 weeks- if I can.
    And a large update when theres enough content. (maybe every 2 months)

    no solid timeframe, I don't know how much free time I'll have due to uni.
    Version 0.753 is out
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