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Oh okay. >.0;; What cant be broken..
NOTE: Some of these cards might be too crap to be looked at.

Zero Broadsword
Equip Spell Card
Increase the ATK of a Warrior-Type monster by 100.

Cant-cast-crap Staff
Equip Spell card
Increase the ATK of a Spellcaster-Type monster by 100.

Poisonous Crap
Continous Spell Card
All monsters on the field are now treated as Zombie-type Monsters.

NOTE: No more now.

Diamond Knight
Effect Monster
4 / Light / warrior
This card can only be Special Summoned when 'Blade Knight' is face-up on your side of the field. When 'Blade Knight' is targetted or destroyed, you may replace 'Blade Knight' with this card.
ATK/1500 DEF/1600

Kenny Might Be Mind-Reading (A picture of Kenny's Mind)
Effect Monster
1 / Earth / Spellcaster
Right before your opponent's draw phase each turn, you may pay 100 life points to look at the top card of your opponent's deck.
ATK/100 DEF/0

Instant Checkmate
Spell Card
If you have 30 cards or more in your graveyard and 10 or less cards in your deck, you win the duel.

Disappearing Time
Continous Spell Card
At each standby phase, you and your opponent loses 500 life points and remove a card in each of both of your respective graveyards. Whoevers graveyard runs out first loses the duel.

NOTE: The following cards are just for some fun.

We can get Lemon & Turn it to Lemonade People!
Continous Trap Card
Your fusion deck is now in your hand. When this card is destroyed, so are the fusion monsters.

Now Im Gonna Make You Dance
Spell Card
You may pay 500 life points to play 'Eminem - Just LOse It' in your MP3 player or computer.

Normal monster
2 / Earth / Zombie
A person named "Joe" accidentally went into the "A Million Years" spell card... **** for him.
ATK/0 DEF/700

Effect Monster (monster? =p)
3 / Earth / Warrior
This card can take the attributes of another card on the field. (INcluding ATK/DEF)
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