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Hack Name:
Pokemon: Palladium
Game Base: Pokemon: FireRed (1.0 BPRE)
Creator: FireShock
Language: English


Two New Regions -
Explore the new regions of Renon and Sonata.
Renon Tournament - Battle in the tournament that decides the new champion!
No Trade Evolutions -
Evolve them by leveling them up.
De-Capitalization - Everything you can think of has been De-capitalized.
Recyclable System - Everybody could use a free item here and there.
Running Inside - Run around freely inside of buildings.
Day and Night - Watch as day turns to night and night turns to day.
Mini-Games - Take a break and going mining for some items.
New Tiles - Enjoy the sights on your adventure.

The Story:________________________________________________

You're a 15 year old kid who really never cared for Pokemon. Your brother, on the other hand loved playing and battling with Pokemon ever
since he was little. When he turned 13 he set out on his own Pokemon adventure hoping to become the Pokemon Champion of Renon with his
partner Espeon. Nobody has heard from him since. The only thing that you remember about him are stories that your parents told you about him.
Hoping to see him again, you ask your best friend Ryan to help you out. He agrees to help you and that he'll meet you in the morning to leave.


Brian/Aimie (Player): Brian/Aimie just turned 15 years old. Unlike most people Brian/Aimie never really liked Pokemon. Every year
for his/her birthday Professor Kin has offered Brian/Aimie a starter Pokemon. But as always, Brian/Aimie declined the offer. Brian/Aimie had
a last second change of mind and accepted the offer in hopes of finding his/her brother with said Pokemon. Ryan has
accepted to help find
Brian's/Aimie's brother and will be getting his starter Pokemon with you to help find him. Ryan and Brian/Aimie have been best friends ever
since they where little kids and will do anything for each other.

Ryan: Ryan is 14 years old. Unlike his best friend Brain/Aimie he loves Pokemon and will do anything to help them out. Jack always
picks on Ryan because he was the younger of the three. Ryan has agreed to help Brian/Aimie find his/her brother by setting out and
looking throughout the region of Renon for him.

Jack (Rival): Jack is 16 years old and has always been in the shadow of Brian/Aimie. He's setting out on his Pokemon journey
to show everybody that he can be just as good
as Brian/Aimie. To do this he plans on winning the Renon Tournament.

??? (Brother): ??? is 23 years old by now, as he was 13 when he left for his journey. Not much is known about Brian/Aimie's
brother. He left home ten years ago to become the Renon Champion with his Espeon. Nobody has heard from him since then.

Beta One


- The town map isn't inserted yet.
- Some doors are missing animation. (Fixed for beta two)

If you find a glitch or bug that isn't listed here please let me know.

Official Walkthrough:


Walkthrough of beta one done by Disrupter.

Part 1


Beta One: This beta ends after the events in Carolina City.
Download: Here
Length: Around eight to ten hours in game time. There are four gyms total in this beta.
Date: 7/12/10


Sarcastic Prince - Grammar Corrector.
Kyledove - Tiles.
874521 - Tiles.
Onyx79 - Tiles and Rom Base.
Cirnos Servant - Tiles and Rom Base.
Wesley FG - Tiles and Rom Base.
12345 - Tiles and Rom Base.
Scytha - 5th Gen Sprite.
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