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    I F*ing love Mikachu. It looks so cool! So excited and hope this gets finished. I want to ask how far does beta 2.16 go though. Thanks

    Oh yeah... and your website looks awesome BTW!

    Also when you update the betas, are you going to change the beginning? I like to continue from a save but if it isn't a smart idea, then I won't go crazy training and instead will just test my pokemon. Oh and does Mikachu evolve?

    Edited: Few things I've noticed while playing

    1. I love Mikachu even more, love the attacks that it holds. Great job giving it Thundershock, Confusion, and Transform... Nice touch.

    2. One thing I think would be awesome is if you put the levels and move list on your website. That way we know what moves it can learn and at what level it learns them. So far all I know is that it learns Teleport and Disable at level 10.

    3. I wanted to ask how far this game goes? And the thing with the save would be interesting too...