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    Originally Posted by Fangking Omega View Post
    Typical it gets locked the day before an update Anyhow.

    OK, we have a demo on its way, as you have known for probably a little too long. And it's really taking shape now. Progress has been slow due to the end of year exams and real life things as always, but here we are in summer, getting back on target and it's nearly ready. There are still a number of jobs to do before the release but to whet your appetites, here's a sneak preview of what's to come:

    Holy custom graphics, Batman.

    All looks good, and I'm looking forward to the demo. But, I don't know if you noticed this typo or if the spelling check hasn't been completed for every part, but it's "practiCe," not "practiSe." Funny, that may be the only thing wrong I've seen in this entire thing. Can't wait till this is released.

    Also, is this game going to have official Pokemon, or will they all be Fakemon? I just noticed the lack of officials in the screenshots.
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