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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    That feature is cool!
    And no worries, it's just one letter. The same exact mistake was made in un-LZ (Compressed size is: 0xYYY. Which is to big. Aborting.)
    No! I'm worrying about it

    Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
    lol, it pains me how common that mistake is D:
    anyways, might i suggest something to you?
    if/when an image is repointed, you should also over-write the old image with the "FF" byte, as to preserve free-space.
    Good idea!
    Never really, crossed my mind (Except for briefly, before being shoved aside by another idea) XD


    • Replaces old images ( after a re-point) with free-space
    • Fixed an unforgivable spelling mistake :p
    • Tweaked the LZ compression algorithm
    • Added a nifty button hyper-linking to this thread!

    See, I fixed it!
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