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    Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
    i like this game it is very different, pity there are so few pokemon but still i like it.
    -Yeah, I had to set myself realistic limits, If i were to include all pokemon This game would probably not get completed.
    I could probably add more once the core game is finished.

    Im thinking of adding diglett, Cacnea, poochyena and staryu. Anyone want to request some pokemon. I may add them.

    Originally Posted by Vannah☆ View Post
    Finally, a game focusing more on events and scripting more than new and improved graphics. This is the best game in the showcase I've seen. Played through the beta. Loved it. Original battle system and everything.

    Hurry and upload on rapidshare if you can. C: Every mediafire download you've posted hasn't worked for me. o_O It always ends up going to a 'forbidden' page.
    rapidshare has a new 10x download rule. Ive now uploaded it to megaupload.
    hope that works for ya :)
    Version 0.753 is out
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