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    Yes, of course I need a banner.

    Hello there,
    I love working out ideas for hacks (Or improvements of games, as I'd rather call them), problem is I somehow suck at scripting and spriting.
    So now I've once again worked out a storyline, worldmap etc. But I need a group of people to make it real, to make it a real, working hack.
    This group of people should be creative, and open for ideas, as I am myself. And maybe, if all goes well, we might make some other hacks.

    We'll be hacking FireRed, cuz I like the tileset and most tools are Firered compatible.


    My Own Drawings

    Niknaks Worldmap:

    The region is an archipelago. I've got Niknaks working on the worldmap
    The starter town will be Montiny Town, which is positioned at the foot of the highest mountain, in the north east corner of the biggest island.
    I'll work this out in the next post. (I'll also give the 'route-etc'map). Done.


    It all started with the battle between three legendary water type pokemon, each representing a sea. Frigis (which is latin for cold), the water-ice pokemon in the north, Ignis (which is latin for fire/warmth) the tropical sea in the south east and Aeteris (latin for eternity) in the ancient bay at the south west. Obviously these names can easily be improved, that's for later. They kept fighting eachother, and all creatures on the island were frightened. Untill a pokemon on the island got struck by lighting, and so received very strong electrical powers. He defeated the three water pokemon, and forced them in an eternal sleep(each in one of the smaller Islands on the map), by taking their powers and putting those in an orb (in the lake in the middle of the Island). Peace came to the region, and then humans came to live there. The region bloomed, cities were build. But with prosperity came evil. An evil pokemon, who was to weak for the water pokemon coz of his ground/dark type, knew this was his chance. And he did almost defeat the electric pokemon, but he was stopped by a alliance of the best trainers and the quickly awakened water pokemon. The evil pokemon was defeated and locked up under the highest mountain in the region, the water pokemon were brought back to sleep. The count (the ruler of the region) awarded the eight best of these trainers with a medal, and a shard. These eight shards are needed to (un)lock the prison of the evil pokemon. The eight trainers are now, as you might've guessed, the gym leaders.

    Your story:

    Your story starts when your mum says your grandfather is dying. Your grandfather was one of the trainers who stopped the pokemon, but he refused the honour of the shard and being a gymleader, he rather studied pokemon. You go to his house, which is in the direction of the source of the river, to the north of your hometown (Montiny town). You talk to him, he tells you about this history, he dies. On your way back, Prof maple bumps into you, he was on his way to your grandpa to talk about some serious stuff. When you tell him he’s dead, he discusses it with you. He tells you about a man who has recently moved to the region. This man is called Vladimir Trochowski, and he leads an organisation called Team Invictus. Nothing has happened so far, but somehow he has a bad feeling about all this.
    And, besides that, he wants you to replace your grandfather and to help him with his research. He gives you a choice between 3 pokemon. (I don’t know whether this will be fakemon or not, depends on our spriters I guess) And so your adventure starts.

    My goal is to make this hack pretty difficult to play, so with a lot of substories and riddles.

    What is to be expected:

    Team Invictus (A communist Russia like organisation, all with the comrad and stuff).
    A lot of different scenery and climates.
    Which I hope, nice Fakemon
    A real leader of the region: A count with his countess and their Royal, capital city.
    A father/son vs. Father/son battle with your rival.
    Different kinds of people all over the region. (I want to introduce some Italians who constantly say ‘let’s make pizza’ and stuff. And just like nintendo, I think there’s no reason why coloured people shouldn’t be in pokemon games.)
    Double gym challenges: First you have to beat the invictus executives, after you have beaten the whole invictus team, you have to beat the gym leaders to go to the league (we’ll figure out where to place it).

    What I need to achieve this:
    Experienced or talented (and I would prefer dedicated):

    Scripters (XSE or pksvui, It doesn’t bother me)
    Spriters + overworld editors.
    Some mappers
    Music inserters (I don’t have the slightest idea how that works)
    Banner makers + graphics.

    I don’t need any more storyliners, but as I said, creativity is never useless.

    You want to join?

    What position (obvious):
    Past experience (I don't really care, but it's nice to know):
    Proof of work (Most important, show me what you can and can't do):
    Contact information (Naah, I'll see you around):

    The Creative Productions Team
    Diho - Mapper, Inmap-scripting, Storyline + Ideas, Founder.
    Azoula - Title screen editer
    JT123 - (Fusion-)spriter
    HackDeoxys - Independent mapper

    People who deserve my thanks for support:
    Niknaks - The worldmap

    Call me the storylinecreatorguydude.


    Join, we've got cookies!