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    *Note that this tutorial is not for a computer emulator, it is for GPsp Kai. To fix this error for VBA, simply open the emulator and go to Options>Emulator>Save Type> Automatic & Flash 128KB*
    *Links to RHEA, Rijon Adventures, and GPsp Kai are provided*

    I recently tried to start playing Pokemon: Rijon Adventures ( on my PSP to find that it wouldn't work. After a quick Google search I found a thread here at PokeCommunity where someone was having a similar problem. This tutorial will show you how to correct the 1M sub-circuit board not detected error on Hacks played on GPsp Kai 3.4 test 1 Build 2.

    Step 1) Verify that hacked roms are the problem and not something else.
    With this specific issue, it is possible to play an unhacked pokemon rom, but some patched hacks do not work.

    Step 2) Check your patched rom with Hackmew's ROM Header Editor Advance (
    With the program open, simply click File>Browse ROM Folder. Locate the folder in which your ROM is stored and it will appear in the list to the right. Any other roms that are also in that folder will show up here as well. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING! We only want to get the official name of the rom; editing data could ruin the rom. (I learned that the hard way).
    As you can see below, an un-modified Fire Red rom has the name of "POKEMON FIRE" however, some Hackers like to change the name of the ROM. Now, look at the hacked ROM. It should have a name other than that of the original ROM from which it was made. I'm fixing Pokemon Rijon Adventures and its name is "RIJON ADVENT". Copy this name into a notepad or something, you'll need it later. If your rom has any name other than the original then proceed to step 3, if it does not then I'm afraid that this tutorial is of no help to you. You could always try anyway, though.

    Step 3) Add the hacked rom to GPsp Kai's configuration list. (Don't worry, it's simple)
    I can't verify which versions of GPsp kai use the same system as the version I have, so I'll provide a link to the exact version I'm using.
    If that link is broken, then check the version information in the screenshot above and search for a download on Google. You should be able to find another download. If not, PM me.
    I will assume that you know how to install the emulator on your PSP. After all, you're just replacing the version you already have, unless you don't need to update it. If you do need help on this subject, look on YouTube.
    Now that you have everything, find and open the config file. (See image below)

    open it in notepad, wordpad, or whatever program you like, but you'll want a search function. Most programs do. Search for the name of the ROM you used to patch the Hack on to. Mine is Fire Red. You will see somehing like this:

    This is where the game name comes in! An un-modded Fire Red rom (amongs all of the others) works because its save type is in the configuration. A hack with a special Name is not configured. So here is how you add it.
    You want to copy all of the original ROM's info, but replace the game_name with that of the hack. Mine would look like this:

    # Pokemon: Rijon Adventures
    game_name = RIJON ADVENT
    game_code = BPRE
    vender_code = 01
    idle_loop_eliminate_target = 080008c6
    flash_rom_type = 128KB

    The 1st line has a # at the front. When you put a # that line is for out human eyes only. The emulator ignores it. This is how you add notes and stuff. You'll noteice that every ROM has it's name after one so it can be found by us easily.

    The second line is where you would place the name you copied down earlier.

    I don't know the relevance of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines, but they must be there. Just copy them. They will be the same as the base ROM.

    The 6th line is the save type. This is what causes the error. Now that we have set it to 128KB in the config file, everything should work! Don't forget to save the file!

    Step 4) Cleanup to reset
    If you opened the ROM in your emulator and got the error, a save and config file would have been created for it upon closing. We don't want the changes we have just made to be overlooked, so delete any .cfg files that were associated with that specific ROM. In my case it would be Pokemon Rejion Adventures.cfg

    Now load the game again and there will be no error! You can save the game through the save option in the Pokemon menu and that will create a .sav file. This type of save can be transfered from PC to PSP and back, the quick save states can't do this. VBA uses .sgm quickies and GPsp uses something like .sg1s.

    I hope you have found this tutorial helpful! If you need anything else, just PM me! :D
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