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    First of all, this topic is a wonderfull idea, thanks a lot!

    Style: DPPt
    Size: 240x160
    Number of towns: 11 Cities, 7 Towns. D'you want me to point out which is which?
    Source image: See attachments, I'll explain everything.
    Type of region: Archipelago. (Might be connected to land later, I assume you can edit existing world maps very easily, if I beg you?)
    Features: The source image is pretty big, so you can see everything clearly. The upperpart of the main Island and the little island (with the volcano) should remain white-ish. Gray triangles are mountains, rivers and lakes are visible. The darkgreen part in the middle of the island is a kind of a plateau. (Don't mind the buildings? drew inside it.) And the yellowish part on the left, above the forest, is a desert with an oasis and a little village. The little Islands in the bay on the left, If you could make them look ancient, that would be fantastic, otherwise, just normally coloured.
    All the other yellow coloured pieces on the map are beaches. (That includes the bay, the island in the east [at the east and west sides] and the river mouth/delta at the eastside of the big island. )


    Oh, maybe this is very silly, do you need to know the routes?
    Call me the storylinecreatorguydude.


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