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YES, FINALLY!!!! 21,327 Pokemon seen since my last shiny, and it is finally here...

After 13,602 soft resets between my FireRed and LeafGreen...I have finally obtained a shiny Eevee! It appeared on my LeafGreen, and it is absolutely magnificent!

I have no camera on me at the moment, and I will not have one until late tomorrow. But for now, here is the information on it.

Naive nature
caught at level 25. 8:17 PM
HP: 67
Attack: 40
Defense: 34
SAtk: 27
SDef: 35
Speed: 40

It will undoubtedly become a Flareon.

Edit: And this is the fifth point for my team.


The video:

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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