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    Originally Posted by gl3500 View Post
    I am having a problem, can somebody please explain what i did wrong when i followed the tutorial, this is what i ended up with.
    Attachment 54482
    It looks like you replaced the tilemap with the raw, and the raw with the tilemap, or your raw isn't the right format (8bpp or 4bpp)

    Originally Posted by Maho Minami View Post
    one of the confusing tutorials i ever saw O.O
    You should see Mastermind_X's site's tutorials. Now that's confusing. This ain't nothing.

    Originally Posted by sisonoio View Post
    After i insert my new map following this tutorial i get some blue tiles in the right-bottom angle of the map instead of the "sea" tiles that i have put in the tilemap.
    Read through the thread.

    Originally Posted by X-Buster View Post
    open your .raw file in hex editor then add 16 bytes in the end.
    the total bytes should be 1216 not 1200.


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