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Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
IM Address: [email protected] (Yes, it's MSN)
Name: Darthatron
Position: Advance-level Scripter and/or ASM Hacker
Proof of Work:
A basic WHIRLPOOL script:
#dynamic 0x800200
#include stdattacks.rbh
#define WATERTILE 0x12B                   ;FireRed Ocean Tile. Change this value to
                                          ;whatever the default ocean tile is.
#org @main
checkattack ATK_WHIRLPOOL
compare LASTRESULT 0x6                    ;Check if any Pokemon in the party knows the attack.
if 0x1 goto @nowhirlpool                  ;If not, goto @nowhirlpool
setanimation 0x0 LASTRESULT
bufferpartypokemon 0x0 LASTRESULT
bufferattack 0x1 ATK_WHIRLPOOL
msgbox @string2 MSG_YESNO
compare LASTRESULT 0x0                    ;Did PLAYER pick the "No" option?
if 0x1 goto @endnow                       ;If so, goto @endnow
msgbox @string3 MSG_KEEPOPEN
doanimation 0x25                          ;Use Pokemon animation.
call @whirlpool

#org @nowhirlpool
msgbox @string1 MSG_NORMAL

#org @endnow

#org @whirlpool
getplayerpos 0x8004 0x8005
setvar 0x800C 0x0000
copybyte 0x020370D4 0x02036E58            ;Prepare the PLAYERFACING variable (for signpost scripts).
compare 0x800C 0x01                       ;Is the player facing down?
if B_TRUE call @down
compare 0x800C 0x02                       ;Is the player facing up?
if B_TRUE call @up
compare 0x800C 0x03                       ;Is the player facing left?
if B_TRUE call @left
compare 0x800C 0x04                       ;Is the player facing right?
if B_TRUE call @right
setmaptile 0x8004 0x8005 WATERTILE 0x00   ;Set the tile infront of the player to passable.
special 0x08E

#org @up
subvar 0x8005 0x01                        ;Subtract one from the Y Value.

#org @down
addvar 0x8005 0x01                        ;Add one from the Y Value.

#org @left
subvar 0x8004 0x01                        ;Subtract one from the X Value.

#org @right
addvar 0x8004 0x01                        ;Add one from the X Value.

#org @string1
= The WHIRLPOOL is strong!

#org @string2
= The current is strong!\nUse WHIRLPOOL?

#org @string3
= [buffer1] used [buffer2]!

Yeah, I don't really know how to show proof of ASM Hacking... But... These are the bytes which limit the overworld sprites in each game, which I found by disassembling the ROMs:
FireRed:    0x005F2E0; 0x97 (151)
LeafGreen:  0x005F2E0; 0x97 (151)
Ruby:       0x005BC28; 0xD9 (217)
Sapphire:   0x005BC2C; 0xD9 (217)
Emerald:    0x008E6C4; 0xEE (238)
These values need to be increased to expand the OWs available in game.

E.G: Changing the Byte at 0x005F2E0 (in a FireRed ROM) to 0x00 would cause all OW Sprites to become the 'little boy'. :)

EDIT: Except the male player sprite.

Side Note: Just so you know, I don't hack all the time and I am not very imaginative... :D
The script is pretty well done; I noticed one error, though. The ASM looks pretty dandy: you're in. :)

Originally Posted by Sokaballa View Post
Hiya. I'm sorta new here and when I stumbled across your thread, I saw that you might need a storyline writer. Seeing as how that's the only thing I can do, I'll gladly apply. I have no experience, per say, with hacks so far, but I have what is truly (in my opinion) a good story for a hack. So...

IM Address: [email protected] (It's on messanger, I was just an idiot when I signed up and didn't put hotmail lol)
Name: Sokaballa
Position: Story-line/Idealist
Proof of Work: Uh... Yeah. Sorry 'bout this one... lol. I have a storyline made up, and would be happy to pm it to you. I'm not sure how to do the spoiler thing yet, cause I NOoB HaRdd.

...uh, you do need some proof of work. D:

Sorry to sound rude but your maps are horrendous and really need some reworking. Look at maps made by people in the MRT (sasquatchd00d) and some of GameFreak's maps.

Uh, I guess they're pretty good; not really a fan of the two later styles, though. They are done well, though: you're pending. I'd like to see more than just world map inserting which is something I can do myself. Perhaps more proofs and proofs of other stuff you can do?
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