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Wow, this is exactly what I need! Great!
The thing is, though, I need two different maps...
Map 1:
Style: FR/LG, if not, D/P/Pt
Size: 240x144 (Emerald)
Number of towns: 14 cities, 5 towns, 1 island
Source image: Look at any G/S/C map for Kanto and Johto
Type of region: Mainland
Features: I'm hoping you know Kanto/Johto.
And, since this is an Emerald hack, I would like it if you could somehow fit everything into one map, and make everything accessible within the black box:
Map 2:
Style: FR/LG, if not, D/P/Pt
Size: 192x144 (FR)
Number of towns: 5 cities, 3 towns, 4 islands
Source image: Here (please excuse my handwriting )
Type of region: Large island
Features: South of the equator, so it's snowy-ish near the bottom of the region, Mountainous region in the upper right with one long canyon connecting to the ocean (and Johto/Kanto, which is on another map, but you don't need to do those maps), Lake Zigger is a huge lake connecting to the ocean on both the top and bottom of the town, Endil Island is foresty, Barten Island is like a resort place, and Kormen Island is a good-sized island with a good-sized city on it, you can only get to Endil Island by boat (no connecting route), the Pokémon League is on a mountain on the island in the upper left of the region, and in between Vantrek City and Piltor City is a large, sinister mountain.
Need more details? Feel free to PM/VM me.

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