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    Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
    AH! Now I have to start a new game!
    Not nessicerly- you can get your save file, post it as an attachment- then i can move your character back to the start of the cave. and reupload it. then you can download.

    or you can wait for the next version of the game- where the warps are fixed and you'll be able to exit the cave.

    I like that you will be able to switch forms in battle. For example during necro battle, in fury form he gets weaker to fire, so I wanted badly to switch my jolteon to flareon...Also the bait idea is good to capture extra pokemon.
    Yeah- one of the problems I had were suprise boss battles- Like the rocket encounter 3, people wouldn't know what pokemon they're gonna have. so no instead of having a jolteon vs nidoking(who is immune to electric), you can switch it out for vaporeon or espeon.

    I wished to make the inbattle selection screen flashier- but RPGmaker won't allow me to add the tetra element picture screen in mid-battle.
    Version 0.753 is out
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