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    I have a BIG problem here!

    You see, I've been in this fandom for over 3 years now... since the early days, I've seen several plot bunnies form. Thing is, I know I can only write ONE long story (and MAYBE an occasional one-shot) per fandom.

    So. One Pokeball, and a hundred plot bunnies! Help me capture the best Plot Bunnie!

    1) Based on Pokespe, in terms that only a select few posses a Pokedex. The original Pokespe characters would all be in their twenties and be famous. (moreso than they are already) as well.
    It is about a brother-and-sister team. The boy, Hematite, is in a wheelchair, and Garnet, the girl and older sibling, would like Hematite to become a Pokemon Trainer as well. The idea is that a year before the present day, Garnet said she would go on a Journey across Hidem, my made-up region. Hematite is jealous, thinking that just because he's wheelchair-bound he can't ever be a trainer. (Or so says their grandparents, whom they live with.)
    What Garnet was really doing, was planning a path for Hematite to be a trainer. On Hematite's 11th birthday, she gives him two Pokemon- a Ponyta (or Rapidash) and a Buizel. Her idea is that Hematite would ride on Ponyta when the Wheelchair is not plausible, and that Buizel would be his Starter.
    So basically, Hematite and Garnet would travel around Hidem, with Garnet being Hematie's 24/7 guardian. Oh yeah, and there's probably going to be some crazy take-over-the-world scheme going on. (not sure what or why or how)

    2) A more simple story. This one would be based on my adventures in the games, but not necessarily the games themselves. (if you follow) Basically, it would start off Hoenn and then go to Sinnoh, and then Kanto and Johto! (I may or may not include Isshu and future regions... it would sort of depend on where the region is)
    Basically, most of the core plot would stay for the most part. However, there will be some twists...
    Such as Momoko (that's my character name in the games) joining Team Magma for a while...
    The legendary trio of Hoenn would not be captured by anyone. instead, they would flee to Johto after being battled.
    Norman/Senri is NOT Momoko's father. Instead, Mint (who travels with Momoko {also my Character from Emerald}) and Sakura (Mint's older sister) or Norman's daughters.
    Brendan/Yuki still remains as he was in RSE.
    The Elite 4 and Gym Leaders are set up like they where in Emerald.
    Wally/Mitsuru does appear, however, he already got his Pokemon on his own, rather than having to ask Norman/Senri.

    Also note, that I would wish to use Japanese names for all characters, locations, and Pokemon. Moves and Items would still use their English names.
    Since this is BASED on MY adventure IN the games, the continuity in the games is semi-ignored (Basically, the events of Kanto are never seen, and rather, Momoko would go through the HGSS Version (not the GSC Version), with another rival having been through the original Kanto.)

    So basically, what Momoko wants is to be the best damn Dragon-Type Trainer ever. (She Idolizes Clair/Ibuki and Lance/Wataru)

    3)........................................................................... eh? really? Ic an't think of anything else?
    Oakay, so I guess it's Pokespe/Origional Region Based Fic VS. Modified Game Based Fic!

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